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EFK is going to be listed on LBank


DeFi MerchantCoin builds a new ecology of Internet finance + blockchain 3.0


In recent years, with the advent of blockchain technology, the digital economy has broken the high threshold of oligopoly in the financial sector. Blockchain technology has subversively broken the original shackles from the commercial level, allowing every user to become a creator and promoter of economic value. From oligarchs to the masses, from centralization to decentralization, this is not onl

What is the Hybrid Proof of Stake (HPOS)


The principle of HPOS is that every holder of the parent coins will automatically have a variety of public chains, and then every holder of the parent chain will automatically spread to generate mixed kinetic energy through the LAOB algorithm protocol, making multiple public chains access to it spontaneously.

The Trillion—— the king of hybrid blockchain + new cross-border e-commerce in the world


The rejuvenation of a big country must have the rise of superior enterprises; the realization of China's dream must build the worldwide economy backbone; being outstanding among the world's nations will surely extricate itself from difficulty.

2020 Yuhuan Export Online Fair(West Africa - Auto Parts)


​In response to the influence and challenges caused by COVID-19, "United Asia International Exhibition Group" actively responds to the call of Yuhuan Bureau of Commerce to launch a series of "2020 Yuhuan Export Online Fairs", which facilitate manufactures to stabilize orders, guarantee the market share and expand the market in a convenient and efficient way, and promote the image of "Yuhuan City".

TTT is going to be listed on LBank


Upon explaining the purpose of TTT, there is a necessity to first explain the system of Eternal Coin (XEC). Eternal Coin (hereafter referred to as XEC) is a cryptocurrency token issued by the Japanese corporation Atom Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “our company” ).

BASID is going to be listed on LBank


BASID is going to be listed on LBank

MiniSwap -- A New Hybrid Incentive Model in DeFi


Most of the transactions are going through centralized exchanges, where the users need to fully trust them for managing their assests and transactions. However, the risk of trusting these centralized exchanges has also been seen. For example, QuadrigaCX, which was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, lost $19 million of their customers' assets [1].

Mr. Lip-Bu Tan, Chairman of Walden International, On the 20th Anniversary of SMIC & Its IPO in the STAR Market


Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (“SMIC”) went public on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR Market) on 16 July. It took only 19 days for SMIC to gain regulatory approval, breaking the record for the STAR Market. The over-allotment option was fully exercised, thus raising a total of 53.2 billion yuan. Based on the issue price, SMIC’s market value will reach a record-setting 2

HPC health chain caters to the coming of the times


Big health is the largest industry in the world, and its annual expenditure accounts for one tenth of GWP (world gross domestic product). At present, the big health industry has become the global focus and the fastest growing industry in the world. However, the scale of China's big health industry is too small, accounting for only 6% of GDP. With the arrival of the aging era and the improvement of

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